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Latest Episode: S2E12

Women in Politics

Watch this new episode of Activista Rise Up. After this week’s NJ primary election results, this episode will discuss the experience of women running for public office and why despite a national upsurge in women getting elected, NJ still lags behind in the number of women running and winning elections. These numbers are even worse for women of color, with Black and Latinas often forced to run off the line without any Democratic or Republican party support.

Joining me for this important discussion on Women in Politics are Jenn Sinzdak, Associate Director of the Center for American Women and Politics -CAWP at Rutgers University, who shares their latest research on the lack of women representation in NJ compared to national trends, Marilyn Davis, President & CEO of MDD Connections, a Political Strategy and Public Affairs firm; Arati Sadalge Kreibich, scientist and former NJ Democratic Candidate for Congress; and Maria Rodriguez-Gregg, Former NJ Republican Assemblywoman (NJ-8). Diversity in politics and in public policy matters so join me to learn how these women are coming together to demand representation!

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