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Activista Rise Up, a Forum by Activists for Activists.

Join Dr. Campos-Medina on Activista Rise Up for a series of conversations with leader activists and everyday people to demand a transformation of our politics so that America can fulfill its promise to become a more perfect union with justice for all.

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Season Two: Activista Rise Up

Episode 5: Alvina Yeh & Jun Choi 

Episode 4: julene allen

Episode 3: Carlos Rojas Rodriguez

Episode 2: Rafael Collazo

Episode 1: Sara Mora

Season One: Activista Rise Up

Episode 7: Analilia Mejia

Episode 6: Charlene walker

Live Show: Wine, Women, and Politics

Post-Election Analysis By Women Political Leaders

Episode 5: Imani Oakley

Episode 4: Ingrid Duran and Catherine Pino

Episode 3: Anna-Marta Visky

Episode 2: Sue Altman

Episode 1: Chuck Rocha