Activista Rise Up: S4E9

Dolores Huerta

Episode 9

Dolores Huerta

Season 4 Finale of Activista Rise Up is out now! This week we were so excited to be joined by iconic civil rights leader Dolores Huerta, President and Founder of the Dolores Huerta Foundation for our season 4 finale. Dolores Huerta is an inspirational American civil rights leader, who together with Cesar Chavez, co-founded the United Farm Workers union, and led one of the most impactful movements to defend the dignity of farm workers who put food on the tables of millions of families. Dolores has become a national leader for the civil rights of Latinos and has led transformative campaigns to empower workers to organize and fight for their right to vote, for a fair minimum wage, and to end gender violence in the workplace. Dolores coined the slogan ¡Si Se Puede!, and in 2011, was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama for her lifetime of advocacy on behalf of American workers. Tune in to be inspired by Dolores's life of activism! ✊🏽 Donate to the Dolores Huerta Foundation here:

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