Activista Rise Up: S2E10

Kathleen Z. Rodriguez

Episode 10

Kathleen Z. Rodriguez

Joining us today from la isla del encanto, is Kathleen Z. Rodriguez! This new episode of Activista Rise Up discusses Puerto Rico’s resiliency during and post Hurricane Maria, the worst natural disaster to have ever hit the island. Kathy, who after 20 years of being in the main land, returned back to her home in Puerto Rico, tells us her anecdote of the horrors she and her family faced when the hurricane hit back in 2017 and how the island came together to show resiliency. Tune in to learn more about her advocacy work helping and educating the island on the importance of conserving their natural resources. Also, check out her short story found in the book El Humor Es Cosa Seria, an anthology of various stories, some including personal stories from the natural disaster. Read the book here:

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