Activista Rise Up: S2E8

Sindy Benavides

Episode 8

Sindy Benavides

Welcome to a new episode of Activista Rise Up! Joining me today is Sindy Benavides, CEO of LULAC, the oldest civil rights organizations for Latinos in the US. Sindy was born in Honduras and brought to the US at the age of one and like most immigrants, her family came to this country with hopes of a better future for their daughter. She began surpassing those hopes as a student leader at her High School, TC Williams in Alexandria, Virginia. Eventually she landed high profile roles at the office of former Governor Kaine of VA and later at the DNC. Tune into the podcast to learn about Sindy's story and LULAC's history through my social media platforms or listen on the go via Spotify and any other major podcast platform!

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